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Clean Agents Fire Suppression System is designed to control and extinguish a fire in its incipient stage (smothering levels in 10 seconds or less) Clean Agents are electrically non-conductive and non-corrosive as well as there will be no damage to electronics and delicate mechanical devices. These systems contain clean agent gases such as HFC227ea, FK5112, Inert gases etc.

This type of systems does not require human supervision and are suitable for large establishments as they are designed as per NFPA standards.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems is intended to give a wide edge of human security as they are sheltered to utilize where individuals are available.

Fire Suppression Systems quickly vaporizes to gas amid release and vanishes neatly, abandoning no deposit, which implies no expensive cleanup.

It is Earth Friendly: Clean Agents are non-ozone exhausting and have a short climatic lifetime symptoms.

Applications: Data Centre, Server Rooms, Hub Rooms, Electrical Rooms, Industrial Control Room and etc.

Advantages of Clean Agent Fire Suppression System:

  • - Total solution of fire
  • - Safe for human
  • - Environment friendly
  • - Residue free
  • - 24x7 protection with alarm
  • - Multiple actuation

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